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Our main agenda for 2010 is to educate the immigrant community within and around the greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area about "Violence against Women", specifically those that are victims of Female Genital Mutilation, those thretened with the fear of honor killings, those that have been or run the risk of Human Trafficking, forced abortions and other related areas while emphasizing on the legal remedies available to them.

There are and estimated one million undocumented immigrant women who are victims of acts of violence and tortured by means of rape, female genital mutilation, forced and child marriage, "honor" killings, human trafficking, and sexual violence. In 2008 the Human Rights Project was able to provide free legal advice and representation to only 100 undocumented immigrant women-seeking asylum. It is a very costlty and time consuming process.

Women seeking asylum on gender based issues are denied asylum simply because the courts have been slow to recognize gender-based persecution.

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